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Exotic Whip Premium Disposable N2O Container 640g

Exotic Whip Premium Disposable N2O Container 640g

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Exotic Whip. The latest disposable N2O container with 640g content. 10% more than its predecessor, for even more fun! Contains certified and tested nitrous oxide.

Comes with nozzle, never use without balloon

Advantages of disposable N2O containers

The new Exotic Whip is a 640g disposable N2O container. A full container holds the equivalent of over 80 regular cream capsules. With just one container and the simple one-click nozzle system, you save yourself the trouble of unscrewing them all with one hand.

competitive prices

We guarantee a competitive price for all our products.

The highest quality

To ensure the quality of our nitrous oxide, all of our products are certified and tested.

Anonymous ordering possible
Because we find your privacy very important, we do not use any logos on the box. No one can see where the order and package came from.

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